Thursday, January 19, 2012

Posting Posters

Growing up I never had posters. I still don't even understand the purpose of posters. It seems to me like they are nothing more than large post cards, and blank ones. Or its like you bought a frame at K-Mart and decided to leave the picture of the people in it. Are you afraid that you are going to forget what or who you like, so you post in on your wall? Like it is some kind of giant sticky note. Someday someone will ask you: "Hey Bob, who or what do you like?" and you can't remember, so you go back to your room and look at the walls: "Oh, yea, Starwars, Bonjovi, and oh yea, vaginas!"  Then you have to think about where to put the posters. Remember, the wall is prime real estate, you don't want to just put stuff up there, any where. There has to be some thought put into it. Not only where to put the posters, but how often do you want to be reminded of that thing you like? More importantly, who do you want to see it? You may like that girlie picture, but will your mother? I didn't think so.

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