Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dakota Fanny

First it was Miley (or was in Hanna?), then it was Dakota Fanning: dressing up as sluts (excuse me: sexually burgeoning women). Okay, being provocative on magazine covers (if it isn't titillating, why is on a magazine cover?). Grow up people, or rather let them grow up (because they are growing up, they can't be your little princess forever). These girls are becoming women, and if they want to encourage other women to continue to be sexual objects, that is their right (even if it is kind of stupid). But really, they are becoming women, and the dirty little secret about growing up is that sex is important to adults (I know, if we didn't put it into their heads, they'd never know about it, at least till the hormones got a hold of them), and saying it isn't only contributes to our problem (sex isn't bad, only the values around it).

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