Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jobless unSeattle*

I have been chronically underemployed for the last 10 years (as well as unemployed). Mostly because my jobs ceased to exist, while I was being hired (DOA - done on assignment). For awhile I took it personally (because I wanted too). But then I realized that unless I was writing the budgets for the companies I couldn't really be blamed (even though they tried, but those charges never stuck!). I did my job (or at least the parts they could see). I showed up for my hours (and no more). Put in the paperwork (mostly in the trash). It was the companies I worked for that didn't show up, and didn't put in the right paper work (sometimes literally) Fortunately I am on my way back to more work (even it it isn't paid). It is showing up slowly (like my paychecks). But I am thankful to have something to do (I've realized what a boring person I am, man I need something to do with my time.)
*I don't and have never lived in Seattle


  1. I've been under-employed on the outskirts of Seattle for about four years now... :)

  2. And you're a Miller, weird!!! Maybe I have been to Seattle?