Thursday, February 2, 2012

All I want for Eastermas

No it is not Christmas  (but that's because Valentines is first), but I still want things. I used to think I didn't want many things (that was my early socialist phase), but now I find that I want tons of stuff (I was cured, or infected, your choice). And all of it right now. I am a good consumer (well not really, I don't have any money, the only thing that makes me valuable to a capitalist). My mom and daddy, excuse me, my parental advertising board, raised me right (thank you Mommy Kool-Aid, and Daddy Hasbro). My problem is my paycheck (okay, my non paycheck) It doesn't play nice with my wants which are unlimited (unlike my paycheck) Slowly I am getting in touch with myself (masturbation helps) and I am learning what it is I really want (and a bit about what I need). But it is a painful and slow process that involves a lot of mistakes (many more mistakes). But mistakes and messes are the Potholes of Life that as we drive help us navigate the Road (or some smart sounding takeaway bullshit)

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